Sunday, November 25, 2007

Links and De-Links

When David Edelstein, one of my favorite film critics, announced that he had started a new blog, I was excited, but regrettably I've decided to remove it from my links on the left side of this page. (David's deeply wounded, I'm sure.) One reason is that his last post occurred way back over Halloween; another is that the blog has been a disappointing bummer, the nadir being Edelstein's foolish post on Richard Corliss and Rush Limbaugh a month or so back. Edelstein's gossipy side has always been his least attractive quality, and it got him into hot water on this one. If he ever starts things up again and the quality improves, I will bring it back. Stay tuned.

For now, if it's thought-provoking reviews you want, you can't do any better than Fernando Croce. I don't really agree with his take on No Country for Old Men -- the film is too exhilarating to feel dead to me -- but I respect the hell out of him for taking a contrarian stance. Furthermore, dip into his archives and you'll uncover all sorts of surprises (nobody gets Tarantino more) and hilarious chestnuts, like a summation of Soderbergh's Ocean's Thirteen as "The Steven & George & Brad I Could Give a Fuck Special." That's a pithiness I envy.

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