Friday, October 3, 2014

An Orson Welles Symposium

I'm back! Usually to either plug something, or because I'm tired of looking at the lead image. In this case it's mostly the former, and a little the latter. I'm here to hype a project I've spent a lot of time on already - because I believe in it, and because it's fun. Orson Welles turns 100 years old in the spring of 2015, and Indiana University will be hosting "A Celebration and Symposium" to honor the occasion. More details when you follow the link, but to summarize there will be panel discussions, guest speakers, screenings of his films, and an exhibition. The key thing right now is the "Call For Papers." We are asking for proposals (again, details at the link), so please send them. It'll be a great party, with IU a wonderful place to wish Welles a happy birthday.