Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not Leaving, Just Moving

Hi. It likely hasn't escaped the attention of those of you kind enough to keep reading that the posts at this here blog have gradually dwindled over the weeks, months, years. My apologies. Professional commitments have been piling up, and while I still love writing about movies - indeed, I find I have to - the time and effort required to invest in a long-form essay has become increasingly daunting. Let me be clear: I'm NOT ending the blog. And I'm not a fan of ceremonial announcements from those who choose to end theirs (or, worse, the narcissists who publicly put their finger on the button and threaten to blow the place to Shitsville until all their online pals rally around and reassure them how much their views on Anchorman 2 are needed). I'll still write something here if and when the mood strikes me. In the meantime, I plan to post capsule reviews over at Letterboxd (my first: Room 237), which will enable me to keep a more regular log of what I've seen. Please stop by if you're interested, and as always feel free to comment if you agree or disagree.