Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Altman Tournament - Final Four

Yesterday's Final Four of the Altman Tournament did not disappoint, with one favorite and one underdog advancing to the climactic round. In the first game, high-powered Nashville refused to let some early difficulties rattle them, as they vowed to keep-a-goin' and regrouped their way to victory over McCabe & Mrs. Miller, a worthy opponent sadly reduced to a inert opium state. The stage for the second contest, however, was ripe for an upset, as Short Cuts proved their sixth-seed was too low as Chris Penn exploded late with a beer-can haymaker that knocked off possibly overconfident favorite The Player. Not even Lyle Lovett chanting "One of us! One of us!" could shake the Carveresque upstart from advancing.

Monday night's championship contest looks to be a battle of Sprawling Ensembles and loaded with intangibles. How far will Julianne Moore go to, um, distract her opponents? Sure, everyone knows that Keith Carradine is easy....but is he too easy? Find out!

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