Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Some Fresh Insights Into the Collaborative Effort of Filmmaking"

Hat-tip to Dennis Cozzalio for referencing Chris Willman's must-read account of the David Carradine/Haskell Wexler mortal-combat panel discussion following a screening of Bound for Glory less than three months ago. Sit rapt while an infamous 72-year-old actor and a legendary 83-year-old cinematographer trade insults, f-bombs and other ripostes, all the while learning more than you ever cared to know about Hal Ashby, Quentin Tarantino, color desaturation, suitcase cameras, and organized labor. Weirdly inspiring, though, to hear from artists brawling, over a movie they made more than thirty years ago, because they care

An mp3 recording of part of the event is here.

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