Friday, January 25, 2008

One Step at a Time

I had some minor surgery performed yesterday, taking care of a broken toe from that time I smashed my foot through a movie theater chair.* Everything's going fine, pity-whore that I am, the only drawback being I'm deprived of this weekend's new releases: the ravishing Diane Lane wasted again in what is reportedly a wretched thriller; and Sly Stallone flexing his thespian muscles in Rambo: Third Blood, Part Four, or wherever we are in the neverending saga. Stallone received mysteriously good reviews for his Rocky update last year, so if they come again we'll know the fix is in.

While I'm on the mend, I urge everyone with a pair of good legs to check out instead the re-release of No Country for Old Men and the wider release of There Will Be Blood. Both of them Oscar heavies, and more than worthy, though I'm leaning toward the budding theory that they're going to cancel each other out, leaving a sleeper like Tony Gilroy's Michael Clayton (I keep wanting to call it Michael Gilroy) with the big prize. Granted, my predictions for the nominations were pretty laughable, but I did call Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie's shut-outs. I'm streaky.

*Just kidding about the chair, though not the toe.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are dissing Stalone. I'm not saying he's Oscar worthy, but he has made dozens of movie's keeping all kinds of people employed in the movie industry from actors, camera men down to 3rd Grip, whatever the hell that is. Let's look at his batting average. With all those movie's no doubt several will be dogs but he is out there trying. Lets compare him to Stanley Kubrik(sp. One movie every 15 years. Very bad for employment in the movie industry. He does occasionally come up with a good movie such as Rocky and Tango and Cash. I would just like to post an alternative view on Stallone's career not in artistic terms, but in economic, make-work-for-the- little-guys-in-the-movie-industry terms. Sly is out for the little guy and has done more for employment in this country than any Democrat has. Viva! Stallone!

The disgruntled ex-roomate.

Craig said...

Nice to hear from you, "Anonymous." Once again, you've made me see the world with new eyes.