Sunday, March 29, 2009

Same Old Song

"(I Got the) Biopic Blues"
Music & Lyrics by Craig
(c) Porlock Records 2009

Why just last Fall I was a-lookin' for sleepers
When a title fell on my pair o' peepers
Wasn't 'til I watched the DVD that I said, Jeepers,
Cadillac Records certainly ain't for keepers.

The movie's disappointin', the movie's pretty lame
It's got a great cast that it puts to shame
Jeffrey Wright and the others all got game
Yet the only standout is Beyonce's Etta James.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got the biopic blues
You'd better start a-spreadin' the news
'Cause we ain't got a-nothin' to lose
'Cept all those cliches the movies like to use.

The true story of Chess Records is an interestin' one
So why did the writer-director leave out all the fun?
There's sex and there's drugs and there's a-shootin' a gun
In biopics that's all that's ever under the sun.

Oh, oh, oh, I got the biopic blues
Those tortured musical artists had so much to lose
'Tween marital strife and the drugs they abused
We never see any complexity or nuance or hues.

The most interestin' topic in the film is race
Embodied by Beyonce with fire and grace
So fully that nobody else can keep pace
It's a subject too deep for A. Brody's smug face.

Say, say, say, I got the biopic blues
Walk the Line and Ray already turned these screws
There's a-nothin' left to say that hasn't been news
The makers of Cadillac Records were in need of a muse.

Yeah, yeah, yeah
The biopic blues
Oh, oh, oh,
The biopic blues
Say, say, say,
The biopic blues
The biopic, biopic
Hey, the biopic blues

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JD said...

U the duke, duke, duke, duke of Porlock Records, music man.