Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Altman Tournament - Championship Game

Yessirree, last night's championship contest was a humdinger. Not since the Harlem Globetrotters visited Gilligan's Island have so many performers competed with each other at the same time. On one side, Nashville, the odds-on favorite; on the other, Short Cuts, the minimalist upstart. Things got off to a rocky start for Nashville with a traffic jam, but then Short Cuts got diverted with a fateful fishing trip. Then Gwen Welles sung very badly, yet truth be told the grating Annie Ross wasn't much better. Yet Jennifer Jason Leigh left Keith Carradine speechless on the telephone, and notorious weak-link Andie MacDowell came through with the most adequate performance of her career.  Finally, with Hal Philip Walker a no-show, his fellow performers couldn't remember if this was Dallas or Nashville, until an earthquake sent the Parthenon tumbling down. It was a mighty struggle, but Short Cuts beat the odds and came out on top!

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