Monday, March 29, 2010

The Altman Tournament - Elite Eight

Cinderella sadly kicked off her slipper in the Altman Tournament's electrifying "Elite Eight" action. Nashville gave A Prairie Home Companion the Axe(man). McCabe & Mrs. Miller sent Cookie's Fortune home fishing early. Chris Penn's forearms outslugged Robin Williams's as Short Cuts defeated Popeye. And Lyle Lovett and Whoopi Goldberg managed to flummox Elliott Gould long enough for The Player to edge The Long Goodbye.

Final Four matchups:

#1 Nashville vs. #5 McCabe & Mrs. Miller. An intriguing contest of 70s-peak Altman pictures, one a sprawling ensemble, the other a more focused character piece.

#2 The Player vs. #6 Short Cuts. Another fascinating rivalry, this one involving a pair of films from Altman's early-90s renaissance. It's the "Battle of L.A., Part II."

Let the games begin!

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