Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Men on the Move

Like Jeff Goldblum in The Right Stuff ("It's called Sputnik!" "We know."), I'm flop-sweaty with excitement to belatedly report that the second season of Mad Men has made it's debut. I was a fan right from the start, and this year's debut did nothing to curtail my interest -- adding a dimension of ennui to Don (Jon Hamm) and some desperately needed steel to former blank-slate wife Betty (January Jones). The office politics continue to be riveting and comical, with Vincent Kartheiser, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery bringing energy and unpredictability to every scene. I promise I'll try to blog with more than surface cliches to subsequent episodes, but I find the show complex and mesmerizing in ways that are hard to wrap my mind around. For now, I encourage you to read Alan Sepinwall's take, as well as a refreshingly plainspoken review over at The House. I'm a little uneasy that Mad Men is now a bandwagon show, but for now it's still immeasurably more interesting than the arguments its naysayers are making against it.

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