Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weir Tales

For anyone interested, The House Next Door has kindly published an essay I've written on Peter Weir. I encourage reading through the amazing insights in the comments section. Thanks to Matt Seitz for his hospitality, and Keith Uhlich for the crack editing job.


Jeff said...

The only Peter Weir movie I'm familiar with is Witness (1985). It still stands with Lawrence of Arabia as my number one choice.

The academy missed a golden opportunity to reward Harrison Ford's performance with an Oscar. It was technically a flawless movie with a continuous flow of wonderful scenes, during which not one left his/her seat.

As you have described, it was a thriller but along with the blood and guts there were some scenes introducing the Amish way that were filled with kindness, strength, and warmth. Lukas Hans with his innocence was a giant while witnessing the bloody restroom killing. At the police station where he points to the killer's picture Ford immediately covers his hand. It was a very touching, wordless scene.

Over two decades have elapsed but there are some naysayers still panning the wrong film.

Irene said...

"Fearless", Directed by Peter Weir with Jeff Bridges as Max, was a good movie. The selection of Bridges was perfect because the trauma scenes required an actor whose mannerism are naturally wooden.

The term "Ambulance Chaser" would fit Tom Hulce's role as Brillstein perfectly.

My only negative of the movie is the scene where Max tells the Airlines' Rep he has never flown first-class. Wouldn't an educated, scared, well-to-do architect fly first-class because those seats are the safest?