Thursday, March 6, 2008

Days of our Others

Certain elements of Lost have always flirted with soap opera, but never so blatantly as in tonight's episode. Even the title, "The Other Woman," has a kitschy, double-entendred appeal, but all the hour managed to do was something I'd thought impossible: make Juliet (and Elizabeth Mitchell, the actress with the most unnerving gaze on television) look dull. Ben's infatuation with her was more effective when implied; now that he's inexplicably on the loose again -- courtesy of resident island dumbass John Locke -- we can expect the wheels of manipulation to really start rolling once again. Too bad.

All in all, "The Other Woman" felt like a housecleaning episode, and not entirely in a bad way. I hope this means the last of "The Others," and the end of the flashbacks. (After watching both Kate and Juliet separately draw firearms on Charlotte and Faraday, I also second the motion that Lost lose the guns.) Not having read any spoilers -- this isn't an invitation for any -- it's not a stretch to predict that Michael is the special mystery guest (and Ben's spy) on the boat, and that Jin and/or Sun round out the remainder of the "Oceanic Six."

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